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Iceland is highly accessible for hosting conferences, meetings, events and incentives, making it perfect as an international MICE destination. The island is situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean midway between Europe and North America. Flights are frequent to and from both continents, making it perfect for international conference flights to Iceland.

Icelandair has made codeshare agreement with Finnair, SAS, Alaska Airlines, Jetblue, WestJest, Porter Airlines, Rossiya and Air Greenland. Icelandair serves 38 cities.  During summer 2014 there will be direct flights with various airlines to 68 destinations via Keflavik airport.

The flight schedules of airlines are subject to seasonal changes. The number of destinations and flight times vary accordingly. Here below are examples of flights between Iceland and some major cities that are served directly. 

CountryCityFlight durationAirline
France Paris 3 hrs, 15 mins  icelandairlogo
England London 3 hrs, 00 mins  icelandairlogo
England Manchester 2 hrs, 30 mins  icelandairlogo
Scotland Glasgow 2 hrs, 00 mins  icelandairlogo
Germany Hamborg 3 hrs, 20 mins  icelandairlogo
Germany Frankfurt 3 hrs, 20 mins  icelandairlogo
Germany Munchen 3 hrs, 45 mins  icelandairlogo
Switzerland Zurich 3 hrs, 40 mins  icelandairlogo
Spain  Madrid 4 hrs, 10 mins  icelandairlogo
Spain Barcelona 3 hrs, 55 mins  icelandairlogo
Spain  Alicante  4 hrs, 30 mins  icelandairlogo
Italy Milano 3 hrs, 50 mins  icelandairlogo
Denmark  Copenhagen 3 hrs, 00 mins  icelandairlogo
Denmark Billund 2 hrs, 45 mins  icelandairlogo
Sweden Stockholm 2 hrs, 55 mins  icelandairlogo
Sweden Gothenburg 2 hrs, 45 mins  icelandairlogo
Norway Oslo 2 hrs, 30 mins  icelandairlogo
Norway  Bergen 2 hrs, 20 mins  icelandairlogo
Norway Stavanger 2 hrs, 35 mins  icelandairlogo
Norway  Trondheim 2 hrs, 35 mins  icelandairlogo
Belgium  Brussels 3 hrs, 10 mins  icelandairlogo
Netherlands Amsterdam 3 hrs, 00 mins  icelandairlogo
Finland  Helsinki 3 hrs, 25 mins  icelandairlogo
Russia St. Petersburg 3 hrs, 45 mins  icelandairlogo
USA Washington 6 hrs, 10 mins  icelandairlogo
USA New York 6 hrs, 00 mins  icelandairlogo
USA Boston 5 hrs, 15 mins  icelandairlogo
USA Minneapolis 6 hrs, 20 mins  icelandairlogo
USA  Orlando 7 hrs, 45 mins  icelandairlogo
USA Denver 7 hrs, 55 mins  icelandairlogo
USA Seattle 7 hrs, 45 mins  icelandairlogo
USA Anchorage 7 hrs, 10 mins  icelandairlogo
Canada  Toronto 5 hrs, 55 mins  icelandairlogo
Canada  Halifax 4 hrs, 45 mins  icelandairlogo