Ambassadors may already have practical experience securing and organizing conferences in their chosen field, or demonstrated the potential to do so but this is not a requirement. The bureau has access to associates who represent the very best professionals with a great deal of knowledge on of how to plan MICE events in the most effortless and professional way - and it is the choice of the Ambassador how much she/he wants to contribute. 

Meet in Reykjavík will equip Ambassadors and future Ambassadors with free and impartial advice on all aspects of conference planning and organization.

Each Ambassador will be ensured access to all the information he needs to communicate knowledgeably on the Reykjavik and surrounding areas and the services Meet in Reykjavik provides to be able to present his quest. Our Ambassador programme will be supported by a group of Honorary Ambassadors. Honorary Ambassadors are both Icelanders and foreigners that have strong ties to Iceland and who have excelled in their field internationally. Meet in Reykjavík aims at recruiting academics, scientists, medical professionals, artists and business people to name a few that can with their expertise and contacts enrich our city and region professionally.

Our Honorary Ambassadors will meet once a year in Iceland to brainstorm with representatives from the management of City of Reykjavik, directors from the Icelandic tourist sector, executives from the Icelandic economical sector as well as the cultural and representatives of Meet in Reykjavík.

To be or become an Ambassador is not hard work since the Ambassador can decide how much she or he wants to contribute to the planning, but it has it’s benefits, because it;

  • Enhances the reputation of your area of expertise both nationally as internationally
  • Increases the reputation of your department, organisation or subject
  • You will be invited to attend regular networking events at key venues
  • Receive official acclaim for your participation and exposure for your work
  • Earns recognition for your contribution to motivate the hosting of an international conference
  • Stimulates funding and invest opportunities

Not only do they encourage their association to hold meetings and congresses in Reykjavík as well as exclusive events and workshops, they open doors for Meet in Reykjavik. They also share their expertise and experience with future Ambassadors and stimulate network building and professional profiling not only for Meet in Reykjavik as well as others.

The dedicated team of Meet in Reykjavik can offer impartial advice on all aspects of instigating that your conference be held in Reykjavik, from initial bidding to attract a conference, through to contract negotiation, sales and successful hosting.

  • Venue searching on potential venues to match the requirements
  • Hosted site visits
  • Bid documentation preparation and presentation
  • Introduction to Professional Conference Organizers, Destination Management Companies and other trade professional companies in the business tourism sector
  • Advice on tours and social programmes
  • Accommodation for delegates
  • Delegate information, greeting room at Keflavik Airport, complimentary map of Reykjavik.


Why Meet in Reykjavík

Iceland is perfectly located to „meet in the middle“, due to its geographical location midway between North America and Europe. It is easy to access, about three-hours away by plane from Europe and five-hours away from the North American East Coast and with an extensive airline network, connecting through the international hub at the Keflavik International Airport, which was voted the best airport in its category by ACI in 2011.

Reykjavik is a vibrant city with excellent infrastructure, which means access to cutting-edge technology, inspiring meeting venues and warm hospitable people willing and able to render the best service. The friendly and hard-working locals make adjustments and organization easy. Reykjavik is a cosmopolitan city rich with museums and galleries, coffee shops, renowned restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Reykjavik is a sustainable city where 99% of the houses are heated with green renewable energy, soured from geothermal water and it can boast of many thermal swimming pools and spas.

Iceland is small. Just outside Reykjavik city limits extraordinary nature awaits and it has been the backdrop of spectacular events. Have you had lunch or dinner inside a fissure between two of the Earth’s Continental plates? Put some truly out-of- the-ordinary experiences on your delegates‘ agenda, offering them a gourmet lunch on a glacier, bathing in natural hot springs, hunting for the magical Aurora Borealis or enjoying a dinner meeting at the Blue Lagoon.

Reykjavik is a safe place to stroll around. According to The Global Competitiveness Index by World Economic Forum, Iceland is rated with the 4th lowest crime rate. Iceland can boast of a stable competitive exchange rate and is economically sound.