studyvisitStudy Visit is defined as a business visit, where professionals, managers, economists, delegations and other groups search for inspiration and in-depth knowledge of best practices. The visits are a blend of professional knowledge-building and on-site visits and are composed of a range of seminars on particular themes.
Meet in Reykjavik is co-operating with many organizations, both private and within Reykjavik City that receive a large number of groups each year. Amongst our partners are nearly all of the divisions within Reykjavik City, the Division of Welfare, The Operations Divison, The Sports and Leisure division, The Divisions of Culture and Tourism amongst others. Other companies include the Icelandic police, the Icelandic Road Administration, Law firms, The Icelandic Met Office amongst many others.

We have seen a great increase in number of study visits this year compared to last year and are receiving a lot of interest, especially from groups from China which make up around 80% of the groups we receive. 

These guests are usually very satisfied after their visit to Iceland and frequently mention the hospitality and the friendly attitude of the people.

All of last year we received a total of 52 inquirys regarding the study visit program. This year the number is 78. We had a total of 41 visits last year compared to 40 already this year. We issued 33 invitation letters to Chinese officials last year and this year the number is already up to 64 issued invitation letters. This definetly shows an increased interest in our program which pleases us very much.