Top ten things to do near Reykjavík

There are numerous things to do near Reykjavík. Here are only a few examples

    Going on a Glacier Ice Walk is a safe but fun activity and a great way to experience the wonders of the Icelandic Nature. Glacier Walks are easy and accessible for both individuals and groups and have become one of the most popular tourism activity in Iceland. Our icy white glaciers just wait to be conquered. You choose your method, snowmobiles, snow trucks, ropes and axes or even dog sleighs, all are available in Iceland.
    At Thingvellir amazing rock formations captivate the eye; craggy lava fields, serrated fissures and impressive canyons. Each and every one is in itself a world waiting for exploration. Thingvellir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site so it’s preserved for the whole world to enjoy. Gullfoss and Geysir are also well known attractions en route.
    Geothermal energy like you would not believe. Hot pools and rivers out in the open where people can bathe. Spouting geysers surrounded with bubbling sulfataras or mud pools and boiling hot water holes. Enticing colours adorn the clay while the air is permeated with not so alluring smell. Even so it is a wonderful adventure to experience the power of the Earth and feel the heat beneath the surface.
    Have you ever wondered what the insides of a volcano look like? Þríhnúkagígur gives you the unique opportunity to find out. This impressive 200 m deep crater is accessed from the top in an elevator and the myriad of colours make the trip down a true once in lifetime experience.
    The world famous Blue Lagoon makes use of the geothermal energy in an innovative way to benefit your health and wellness. The lagoon originally formed as surplus water from a nearby power plant began to gather on top of a lava field and its benefits for the skin were soon discovered. Now a world renowned spa has been built by the lagoon utilizing the Earth Sea underneath the lave to even further increase the healing powers of the water.
    River rafting in Hvítá river is fun and gets your heart pumping and the adrenalin surging through your body. Enjoy impressive scenery while rushing through the waters of Hvítá.
    The kaleidoscopic light in Iceland delights not only artists and photographers. The midnight sun in the summer casts a scarlet glow over the surroundings and Northern Lights dance across black skies in winter. In Iceland you will experience every shade of blue and gray on a cloudy day and purple, red, yellow and green when the sun shines. You don't have to go far, just outside the city limits in Heiðmörk Park, you can experience these natural phenomena in a delightful way. 
    Snæfellsjökull is a perfectly shaped cone volcano and said to be, by Indian new age gurus, one of seven power stations scattered around the world. In 1991 extra terrestrial contact was expected to take place here and Michael Dillon the predictor gathered at the roots of the mountain with his followers to wait on the 5th of November. The Martians decided to sail past that day but this wonderful mountain is beautiful both seen from Reykjavík and up close.
    Kleifarvatn is a unique still lake only a short distance from Reykjavik. A great big worm is said to travel along underground rivers from Lake Thingvellir to Kleifarvatn for a little R&R every year. The water is extremely deep and therefore likely that a monster lurks under the still surface. Nearby is the wonderful geothermal area Seltún with bubbling hot pools and smelly sulphate and Grænavatn a crater filled with water of the most amazing green hue.
    They are quaint little fishing villages on the South Coast. Old timber houses decked with corrugated iron have been beautifully renovated adding to the charm and authenticity of these lovely villages. Fishermen have rowed from here since Iceland was first settled although the coast was a treacherous landing place and the surf outside often dangerous. A great knowledge of nature and an instinct for weather and water was needed for a successful fishing in these parts. Today, however, the sea is first and foremost an enjoyment.