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Iceland has gained a lot of attention from incentive travel planners. Icelanders have for centuries braved the elements and in recent years developed vehicles, which expedite their efforts. Large four wheel jeeps that can reach the highest mountains and criss-cross glaciers. An expedition of such super vehicles has even reached the North Pole. A number of Icelandic Travel Agencies make use of these jeeps either in self-driving adventures or organized tours with expert drivers. These jeeps, often nicknamed super jeeps are perfect for driving in the Icelandic Highlands and get about in heavy snowfalls in remote areas in wintertime.

It is an interesting experience to travel in these adroit vehicles, which pay tribute to the ingenuity of man. However, no machine is clever enough to function on its own. Iceland has expert drivers, adept in handling these cars and braving the highlands where it is impossible to know what lurks behind the next bend. Their aim is to introduce their passengers to the remarkable beauty of the mountains and get them safely home.

Iceland has been nicknamed the "Land of Fire and Ice". That is an apt description and the Icelandic glaciers offer unique opportunities to explore and experience this natural phenomenon.  Icelanders have specially made ice trucks on hand to drive along the icy surface but snowmobiles, super jeeps and dog sleighs are also means of transport worth examining.

For those interested in a more up close and personal encounter ice climbing up a wall of ice might be just the thing. A glacial lagoon some 380 km from Reykjavik is an ethereal place where the combination of black sands, deep blue water and floating ice create a sensational feast for the eye. Boat rides around the lagoon in between the icebergs are unforgettable.

Hot pools are many in Iceland and some are situated in remote places making them ideal for bathing in the wild after a vibrant day of activity. One of Reykjavik’s greatest assets is the hot water. When the first settler, Ingolfur Arnarson, made his home by the bay he named it Smokey Bay, since steam rising from hot pools so characterized the environment. From early on the pools became a convenient place to do the laundry or in effect an outdoor Laundromat. 

The Icelandic horse is a beautiful and versatile animal. It is descended from the horses brought to this country by the first settlers and perfectly acclimatized. It has many interesting characteristics the most prominent being the fifth gait this horse possesses called “tölt”.  The Icelandic horse is docile and easily tamed and short or long rides on its back near Reykjavik are a great option.

Gaining a lot of popularity are tours that involve flying. Helicopter tours give a great overview over Iceland´s nature and colour scheme and certainly add adventure to the sightseeing. Daytours with airplanes are perfect for people who have limited time but wish to explore different areas of Iceland.


Along the coastline of Reykjavik runs a pathway where all day long cyclists, joggers, power walkers, runners and rollerbladers enjoy their sport and the view. Australian actor Russell Crowe made use of this promenade during his stay in Iceland 2012 as he cycled 22 km each day. Bicycles for hire are available as well as guided cycling tours.

Sailing out to observe  some of the largest mammals in the world is one of the most popular amusements available to visitors in Iceland. The industry has grown fast and there are a number of boats to choose from as well has different tours that many include bird watching. Sea angling is also a great sport for everyone and great for team building.


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