Iceland has what it takes to hold a successful meeting and it is an exiting destination for incentive travel. The facilities and venues for large or small gatherings are at your disposal, as well as the entertainment and sustenance you desire. In Reykjavik you can conduct world-class corporate meetings, conferences, study visits and incentives. Icelandic nature will supply the inspiration needed for an injection of creativity and innovation. Great technological savvy, quality products and warm hospitality will enhance the experience.

The friendly and hard-working locals make adjustments and organization easier. Icelanders are known for their quick response and enterprising attitude, which was reflected in how effortlessly they welcomed President Reagan, and Secretary Gorbachev for a summit conference in Reykjavik in 1986. Some claim that this meeting marked the beginning of the end of the cold war

Icelanders value their history and traditions. They are well-educated and informed and like to explain nature through history and storytelling. Scientific knowledge and research is growing and Icelandic ingenuity is leading the way in enterprises such as Össur, a preeminent prosthetic company, and Marel, a provider of electronics for the food processing industry. Cosmetics made from various plants and herbs are another flourishing sector.

Hotels in Iceland offer first-rate facilities,some are simple but all are clean. Options vary and a guest can choose from a range of luxurious, comfortable or stylish accommodations. Icelanders take pride in their high standard of cleanliness and comfort.

Holding a conference in Iceland will give you time to think, work and reflect. Holding a convention in Iceland is for many a new experience. Convention planners will find the open and accessible spaces in Reykjavik sooth and fortify the thought processes. Icelandic nature is inspiring both in its beauty, energy and diversity.  Within the city there are a number of venues ranging from a large-scale specially-designed conference halls to more intimate locations perfect for medium or small seminars.   

International event and conference planners will find Reykjavik an ideal scene for corporate events and meetings. The city offers fresh air, gourmet food, and the opportunity to pursue entertaining activities to stimulate and amuse. A vibrant art scene will add value to your visit and if seeking entertainment top quality performers are at hand and in the evening the up-beat nightlife offers plenty of opportunity to kick back in this city that rarely sleeps. 

Iceland is an exciting destination. Great Hotels of the World predicted Iceland as one of top ten destinations for meetings and incentive travel 2011. National Geographic and Lonely Planet chose Iceland as the top destination in 2012 and 2013 and on this exciting island you can find innovative ways to reward and further motivate employees to raise their performance levels. Offbeat experiences such as super jeep excursions onto the glaciers or across rough terrain make for an unforgettable experience. Thrilling tours are guaranteed to add value and flavour to your trip making it even more memorable. 

Iceland is the perfect venue to launch your product with a blast. Whether you prefer exhilarating nature as a backdrop for your particular brand or are looking for an impeccable classy setting you are sure to find it in Iceland. Product launches, award ceremonies, gala dinners or cocktail receptions, Icelanders excel at finding and procuring the perfect environment to create just the type of ambiance you want.

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