Center Hotel Midgarður expands

At the end of May this year there was an addition to the flora of meeting rooms in Reykjavík when CenterHotel Miðgarður expanded from 43 rooms to 170 room.

The hotel didn't only increase the amount rooms, but it also expanded the reception area by a large margin and added meeting rooms on the ground floor and spa facilities in the basement.

There are two meeting rooms that can be opened up to make one larger one. One is called Ás and is 30 square meters in size, and the other one is called Garður and is 40 square meters in size. Together they are called Ásgarður and span a total of 70 square meters in size.

Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar is located at CenterHotel Miðgarður and takes care of the catering for the meeting rooms. There you can get a good variety of menus for lunch along with stunning group menus for evening.

The spa at CenterHotel Miðgarður has two hot tubs where one of them is outside in the garden and the other one inside. There is a steam bath, a gym and a couple of treatment rooms for massage and other beauty treatments.

CenterHotel Miðgarður now has a first class meeting room facility and a world class accommodation fit for any occasion.

More info at or telephone +354-5958589.