Whether it’s for product launches, award ceremonies, gala dinners or cocktail receptions, Icelanders excel at finding and procuring the perfect location to create just the ambiance you are looking for. In Reykjavík, you can host world-class corporate meetings, conferences, study visits and incentives. Iceland has been said to be the incentive planners paradise as the Icelandic nature supplies the inspiration needed for an injection of creativity and teambuilding. Just a stone’s throw from the city limits you’ll find some of the most DISTINCTIVE NATURAL PHENOMENA in the world: hot springs, spouting geysers, cascading waterfalls and pristine glaciers.

Reykjavík has the perfect venue to launch your product with a blast. Whether you prefer exhilarating nature as a backdrop for your particular brand or are looking for an impeccable classy setting in Iceland, the ideal venue is sure to be found.

The energy is palpable on this magical island, where astonishing natural phenomena inspire the welcoming, creative locals...

Carolyn Bain 

Although many have the perception of Iceland as a far away destination it is closer than you think. Iceland is in fact EASILY ACCESSIBLE and it´s location midway between Europe and North America, makes it convenient to MEET IN THE MIDDLE. Frequent direct flights with Icelandair and other airlines to numerous countries in Europe and USA makes this island in the north an easy travelling option. 

Historic moments of great significance have taken place in Reykjavík because of it´s location.  The World Chess Championship and the Reykjavik Summit Meeting loom large among those. The Chess Match of the Century took place in 1972 when Bobby Fisher beat Boris Spassky ending 24 years of Soviet domination of the World Championship. Reykjavik also made headlines when President Reagan and Secretary Gorbachev met for a summit conference in Reykjavík in 1986. Some claim that this meeting marked the beginning of the end of the cold war.


As a host you will find that the service commitment of Icelandic suppliers is professional and friendly. In Reykjavík you have everything within reach and it only takes roughly 2 hours to the next glacier for activity and fun. This kind of CLOSE PROXIMITY combined with a CAN DO mentality and industriousness makes all problems solvable and no project unmanageable.

We provide HIGH TECH INFRASTRUCTURE for the MICE market, with state-of-the-art software and technologically advanced conference halls, convention centres and meeting venues. Iceland is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, and nearly every household has a computer and is online. The Icelandic government has even formulated its policy on the information society, living up to the slogan: Iceland, the e-nation.

In Iceland you get fresh air and clean water but did you know that the world’s largest geothermal heating system is in Reykjavík? Across the country, about 90% of Icelanders have access to geothermal heating, which means less pollution and fewer emissions.  All buildings are comfortably warm even during the coldest winter days. Since opening its doors in May 2011, our new landmark the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre is believed to be the most ECO-FRIENDLY conference centre in the world.

  • Breathtaking nature
  • Favourable exchange rate
  • Accessible and closer than you think
  • High tech infrastructure
  • Eco- friendly
  • Everything within reach